Mini Cream Puffs

Mini Cream Puffs

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We ALWAYS recommend that your guests get at least 1 Mini Cream Puff with their slice of Cake. Want to add an additional dozen?! We think that’s ALWAYS a good idea!

* Please note that the additional dozen will be the same flavor of cream puffs as the cake you ordered.

We are pleased to offer $10 city wide delivery.

Delivery Orders will arrive between 12pm-6pm.

Please note we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time so please have someone home during our allocated delivery window otherwise items will be left on the doorstep if no one answers.

When planning your order, please note our Cream Puffs can be kept in the Fridge for up to 2 days! Otherwise it is best to freeze them!

When defrosting, simply remove from the freezer 2 hours prior to serving and allow them to defrost at room temperature or in the fridge.

When serving our Cream Puffs please keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool place if possible. 


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