Meet Carly

Chef & Founder

Hi Friends! I'm Carly. Chef & Founder of Crème Cream Puffs. I still remember coming home after school, opening my Mom's cupboards and flipping through her Ina Garten cookbooks- eager to whip up the perfect after-school treat! I have ALWAYS loved food and some of my favourite childhood memories are from around the dinner table.

After graduating from University, I moved to Hong Kong, and it was there that I became enthralled with the thriving food culture. I decided to start my very own food blog, "Dim Sum Diet," to share my food experiences with friends and family back home in Canada. Dim Sum Diet made me realize that I NEEDED to work in the food world, and 1 year later I was on my way to London, England to attend Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute.

After completing my Culinary & Pastry training, I worked in a Michelin star restaurant and learned the world of fine dining. One of my daily jobs was making the Cream Puffs & Gougeres (a Savory Cheese Puff- yumm)- this got my mind turning on all the cream puff flavours possible!

When I returned home to Calgary, I spent a lot of time playing around in the kitchen. Uncertain of where to work next, I decided to start experimenting with fun and modern Cream Puff flavours. After rave reviews over our first cream puff flavor (shout out to Pumpkin Spice!) - Crème was born.



At Crème quality ALWAYS comes first. We top our handmade choux dough with a variety of different crunchy cracquelin tops. From cinnamon cracquelin to chocolate and vanilla, these cookie-like crusts make for the perfectly sweet and crispy topping you know and LOVE on our Cream Puffs. Next we fill our puffs with a variety of handmade small batch pastry creams, citrus curds and other tasty things like brownie bites, cookie dough, marshmallow fluff and more. We truly believe that it's about the details and that's what makes our Cream Puffs so one-of-a-kind.

Crème specializes in making beautiful, unique, and most importantly DELICIOUS desserts. Our one of a kind creations will transform any event into something unique and memorable.

Cream Puff

Care Instructions

When planning your Pre-Order Pick Up Date, please note our Cream Puffs can be kept in the Fridge for up to 2 days! Otherwise it is best to freeze them.

When defrosting, simply remove from the freezer 2 hours prior to serving and allow them to defrost at room temperature or in the fridge.

For any questions or concerns please email