Okay friends, I know the idea of homemade ice cream can be a bit overwhelming... I'm sure you're thinking, "What ridiculous equipment do I need?" "Do I have enough space in my tiny ice box freezer?" "Will I eat it all in one sitting whilst binge watching Broadchurch on Netflix (if you know, YOU KNOW). ?" Well let me put your doubts on hold because this recipe is SO simple, SO delicious and only requires 5 ingredients. SO to answer you're questions,  you wont need any fancy equipment , limited freezer space is A-Okay and yes you may in fact eat it all in one sitting, but hey, there's yogurt in it so its basically healthy right? 

This recipe was inspired from my absolute favourite ice cream Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia because if you ask me, I don't think there is a better flavour. Period. There's just something about the big cherry pieces with the chocolate chunks that are absolutely DELICIOUS. It's one of those flavours that I have absolutely no issue eating the entire pint... literally, none.  My take on this recipe was to have the natural ingredients shine. It's not too sweet but perfectly satisfies any and all ice cream cravings! My one pre warning is to make sure you use the full fat greek yogurt as any thing with less fat can cause the ice cream to be a bit icy- but either way  it will still be delicious!

This method of making ice cream came from one of my current fav cookbooks Dining In by Alison Roman's. She makes a similar version but with Frozen Blackberries & Labne. It's so simple and highlights naturally delicious flavours. Using similar methods and ingredients I thought why not have a play with it and combine the two to create an absolutely delicious frozen yogurt recipe. So here you go my friends NO CHURN 5 INGREDIENT CHERRY GARCIA FRO YO. ENJOY!







2 cups fresh pitted cherries sliced in half

3/4 cups honey

1 cup heavy cream

1 1/2 cups full fat greek yogurt

1/2 cup dark chocolate (shaved)

pinch of salt


1. Spray a 9 x 4 loaf pan with non-stick spray and line it with cling film (the spray is simply to help the cling film stick so feel free to rub the pan with a bit of oil or butter if you prefer).

2. Place sliced cherries in a medium sauce pan with 1/4 cup of honey. Cook over medium-high heat for approximately 8-10 minutes till the juices have become thick & syrupy  and the cherries have started to break down. Place in the fridge or freezer to cool completely. 

3. Using a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a hand mixer or a whisk if you haven't the other two, whip the cream to medium-stiff peaks. Fold the greek yogurt into the whip cream along with the remaining honey, the cooled cherry mixture, the shaved chocolate and the sea salt. 

4. Pour the mixture into the lined loaf pan and place in the freezer until it's set (approximately 2-3 hours). Prior to serving remove from the freezer and let soften for 15-20 minutes in the fridge for optimal scooping texture! 

P.S. Guys I am SO excited you are giving my recipe a try! Would LOVE to see how it turns out! Be sure to share you delicious doings on Instagram and tag me @dimsumdiet with all your creations!