What is it about the addition of cheese, fruit, or nuts  that take salads to the next level. I mean just think about it for a minute. What salad isn't drastically improve from crumbled goat cheese or shaved parmesan? Ever met a candied walnut that didn't taste delicious on freshly picked spinach and ripe juicy strawberries? I didn't think so.  I still remember one of my mom's go-to salads when I was growing up.  It was the first time I was ever REALLY pumped to eat salad (speaking as a child who lived on chicken nuggets and butter pasta)! This dreamy salad was made up of crisp romaine lettuce, finely shaved red onion, a can of  mandarin oranges (drained from they're syrupy delicious juices -of course) and toasted almonds. It was beyond simple but something about those juicy mandarin segments, the salty, crunchy almonds and the perfectly sweet and tangy dressing (we called the dressing  "abc 1,2,3" - 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons sugar and 3 tablespoons of vinegar... "O" (for olive oil) comes before "S" (for sugar) comes before "V" (for vinegar)...  hints the "A-B-C 1-2-3") that was absolutely delicious! Pretty sure this is the only recipe I have memorized but I guess to my despair, not all recipes can be made into cute memorable acronyms... or can they? I'll get back to you on that one ;)

Now continuing on the theme of "NEXT LEVEL" salads, I give you the Grilled Peach & Caprese Salad. A perfect example of how bite sized creamy mozzarella balls and super juicy peaches can and do in fact make a salad 1000% more delicious. I'm sure you'll think the same. SO here we go!






Serves 2-4


For the salad


1 small shallot finely sliced (or 1/4 red onion)

2 ripe peaches pitted and sliced into eighths 

2 cups cherry tomatoes halved (or any tomato you prefer)

3/4 cup bocconcini

Fresh Basil Leaves

Salt & cracked pepper

canola oil


For the Dressing


1 tbs Red wine vinegar

Juice of 1/2  lemon

2 tbs olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

balsamic glaze (optional)


1. Heat BBQ to medium high heat.

2. Spread tomatoes, bocconcini, shallots and basil on a serving platter and set aside.

3. Brush peaches with canola oil and place on the hot grill cooking until visible char marks can be seen (approximately 5 minutes).

4. Remove from the grill and add to serving platter. Sprinkle salad with salt and cracked pepper.

5. Whisk together red wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. Drizzle over the top. Finish the salad with a drizzle of balsamic glaze over the top. Serve immediately.


P.S. Guys I am SO excited you are giving my recipe a try! Would LOVE to see how it turns out! Be sure to share you delicious doings on Instagram and tag me @dimsumdiet with all your creations!