Ho Lee Fook- Fookin' Delicious Chinese Food in Central


You guys,  where do I even start with this one?! I mean,  can I just state the obvious? The name is incredible. 'Ho Lee Fook'... Pure genius. Naturally, being the easily amused person that I am, the name in itself was reason enough for me to stop by for a visit, but the food on the other hand was reason to come again and again and AGAIN. I mean seriously you guys, it was fookin' delicious ( the first of many brilliant puns to come just FYI). Located on Elgin Street in Central, Ho Lee Fook does a killer job of making Chinese food WAY too cool. This funky Chinese kitchen is Inspired by old school Hong Kong tea restaurants aka "cha chaan tengs"and New York's late night China town scene in the 60's.  At Ho Lee Fook, Chef Jowett Yu, originally from Taiwan, brings a modern edge to classic Chinese dishes, not to mention an EXTREMELY delicious one! Serving up all your fav Chinese eats from delectable dumplings, tasty vegetable dishes (we're talking maple bacon chili jam on brussel sprouts... YUS), and roasted meats that will literally have you dreaming of your next return... I'm not joking. Glorious.

Having chosen to try Ho Lee Fook during my cousins visit to Hong Kong, to say I had high expectations would be an understatement. Not only did I want to show my cousins some kick ass Chinese food, but I also had a food blogger reputation to uphold... Fortunately Ho Lee Fook SERIOUSLY pulled through on this one (not to mention this meal has gone down in the book as one of  THE best I've had in Hong Kong)!

First Up:


Mom's "Mostly Cabbage, a little bit of Pork" Dumplings

 In case you didn't know, I am a bit of a dumpling addict. From street siu mai to dim sum dines, I haven't met too many dumplings I didn't like. As you may have guessed, these were no exception. These plump dumplings were stuffed with, you guessed it, pork and cabbage! They were chewy and seasoned with a soy dressing and topped with fresh chilies and cilantro...Perfection.  One of the best dumplings that have ever gone in my mouth (and THAT'S saying something). These guys are definitely a MUST!




Chongqing Style Chicken Wings


 Spicy fans, get pumped! These bad boys were smokin hot and oh so delicious. Buried beneath an abundance of chilies (heaven facing chilies, dried chilies and sichuan pepper) you better believe the roof (of your mouth) will most certainly be on fire. In other words, if you can't handle the heat, steer clear of these fiery hot wings! But should you find yourself up to the challenge, I highly suggest you have a full beverage on hand... You're gonna need it.










Fried Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts

 Okay so I am one of those folk who can go either way with brussels sprouts. Some days I'm diggin' them, some days, I just can't. This rendition of brussels sprouts with fried cauliflower and tossed in maple bacon chilli jam was next level. I was SERIOUSLY crushin' on these sprouts to say the least.








Twice-Cooked Green Beans

 I'll admit, I wasn't sold on the sounds of green beans with pickled turnips, 5-spiced tofu and chinese olives... To be honest, the sound of pickled turnips and Chinese olives sounded a bit strange to me, but I most certainly was a fan by the end of it! These little guys were full of flavor that went nicely with the soft tofu. Well done Ho Lee Fook. Well done.







"Slightly Fires the Emperor"

 OKay NOM. This veggie dish was on par! Made up of garlic chive flowers, chorizo, cashews and shitake mushrooms, this dish was perfectly spiced and packed full of flavor! To be honest I was expecting it to be a little heavier on the mushrooms but the overall combination was lovely. Definitely another killer veggie dish.







Mix Your Own Steamed Rice

 Equipped with plastic gloves and topped with seaweed, toasted sesame, pork floss and sesame oil you better be ready to get your hands dirty! Toss the gloves on and give this ish a good hand mixin and you're ready to go! This rice was very simple but had a nice flavor with the seaweed and pork floss!







NZ Cloudy Bay Clams, Shanghai noodles, XO Butter, Toasted Nori, Shiso

 Now, when I read Shanghai noodles, I was expecting something in between chow mein and egg noodles (wok fried of course) but boy was I off on that one! This dish was so unique and very delicious! It was more like a Chinese version of seafood linguini (if you will). These noods were perfectly cooked and tossed in a XO butter sauce ( a spicy sauce made from dried seafood)and topped with shredded seaweed. This sauce was light and so flavourful and went perfectly with the clams and seaweed. OMNOMNOM.






Kurobuta Pork Char-Siu

You guys, if you are into roasted meats, Ho Lee Fook is going to have you droppin F* bombs like no other... But seriously. This Char Siu (BBQ Cantonese pork) is insanely good. So flavourful and cooked perfectly not to mention Ho Lee Fook uses Kurobuta Pork which is the cream of the crop of pork from Japan... So yeah... She GOOD.






Roast Wagyu Short Ribs

 I KID YOU NOT DIETERS, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS THINGS I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. WOW. I apologize for the all caps, but I needed you to get the message across . Never have I experienced short ribs with a charred crispy outside yet a  perfectly tender inside. (You can literally cut it by just using a fork... I know I know, impressive right?) Now accompanying this beautiful soy glazed meat was a gorgeous jalapeño puree ( I could literally spoon that ish... SO GOOD) and a super delish green shallot kimchi. The whole combination was simply AMAZING. Swipe that meat through the jalapeño puree and top it with a whack of kimchi and I guarantee you will be saying HO LEE FOOK.  Truth be told we have literally been talking about these ribs since our visit to Ho Lee Fook and will continue to do so until our return. Still in awe of such culinary brilliance. FOOK-in amazing.


HK Style a la Mode,  Kit Kat Brownie, Milk Tea Ice Cream, Marshmallows, Salted Caramel, Popcorn


 Oh gosh. I can't even begin. This is literally everything that's right with the world in the form of a dessert. Chewy brownie stuffed with green tea Kit Kat chunks, topped with divine milk tea ice cream and drizzled with thick salted caramel and popcorn. The perfect ending to an INSANE meal.

Now while you're at it, I suggest you give Ho Lee Fook's cocktails a try! Think spiked bubble tea... Nobody hates that AM I RIGHT?



Kung Fu Pandan

Okay this was good! Made with coconut water, white rum, pineapple juice,  pandan (of course) and  pandan jelly (I find pandan tastes like coconut with a bit of a fruity twist) you'll completely forget that this bad boy is a cocktail cause it is just WAY too yummy (not to mention the jelly takes it to the next level!)

















Pocari Sweato

 Another delightful and refreshing cocktail. This guy was made with Pocari Sweat (a Japanese sports drink),  gin, grapefruit and tonic water. SO long story short, delish! This guy is not as sweet as the Kung Fu Pandan but super refreshing!













So dieters, next time you're looking for some fookin good times and some 'good fortune for your mouth' I suggest you hit up Ho Lee Fook. I mean after all the name really does say it all ;) .

Ho Lee Fook- G/F, 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!