Travel is the greatest gift any one can get... unless someone gets you a pineapple bun... Pineapple buns trump most things.


Bali had some of the freshest and most DELICIOUS eats ever! From Organic cafes to fabulous Mexican food, Bali is an all around must for foodies!


Bumpin and buzzin Bangkok is wild! Now whether you're here to party or eat, Bangkok definitely offers the best of both worlds!


Beijing was magical. With amazing historic sites and well, peaking duck that will change your life, there  is no excuse for not visiting one of China's oldest cities.


Born & raised in Calgary, I've been exploring the food scene for years! Check out some of my favourite places to eat in my home town!


Bun Cha, Pho Ga, Banh Mi and Vietnamese coffee...Need I say More? 


As Alberta's capital city, you better believe they have some killer restaurants! Now, what gets me most excited about E-town are the sweets! Read about one of my FAV cookie spots in YEG. 


Having spent a year in Hong Kong, I can tell you that I ate some of my all time favorite meals there! Oh yeah, and a WHOLE LOTTA dim sum! Nomnomnomnomnomnom.


When London calls, you answer! Check out where and what I've been eating while attending culinary school in this amazing city! I'll tell you one thing, London is not short of awesome eats!


Another Japanese treasure, Osaka is full of awesome izakayas, tasty ttatoyakki and of course, okonomiyaki! Make sure you take wander off the beaten path and try something new! 


Looking for a place to rest and relax, Jeju is one of Koreas most beautiful islands! With a laid back pace,  and some of the most amazing scenic areas, Jeju is a must for the outdoor lovers!

new york

Where to even begin with New York!  New York is one of my all time favourite cities. With some of the craziest and most unique restaurants, this city will make all your foodie dreams come true!          


If you ask me, Paris will ALWAYS be magical. From site seeing to timeless eats. I will never get tired of visiting Paris. Especially since they have pastry shops on every corner.


Kyoto was one of the most enriching cities I visited in Japan! With breathtaking temples and and history full of depth, you can pretty much experience it all! From tea ceremonies to delish eats, Kyoto is a must!


Okinawa is one of the most BEAUTIFUL islands! With cuisine that resembles both  Japanese and American  as well as it's very own Okinawa style, this island is a must for food lovers!


Phuket is one of the most beautiful places I traveled  to this past year, not to mention it's home to THE best banana pancakes I have EVER had! If your lookin for a beautiful beach and tasty Thai eats, hit up Phuket!


Seoul was one of my all time favourite cities! With some of the most fashionable people, amazing shopping and of course amazing eats, it wasn't hard for Seoul to score high on my list!


Lush rolling greenery, rain and a whole lotta sites to see, Scotland was an absolute magical destination. Now to my surprise, Scotland also had some DAMN TASTY eats. Check it out!


I LOVE Taiwan! Not only is it home to soup dumplings but it is home to some of the kindest people ever! With fabulous street markets,  pineapple cake,  and the best locals, there really is no losing!


Tokyo happens to be my FAV cities when it comes to eating ramen at ALL times of day!  Jam packed with loads of amazing restaurants, Tokyo is one of the best place to see up and coming food trends!