Dirtbelly- Quick & Healthy Lunch in YYC

As much as I love heading out to a restaurant, sitting down, opening the menu and indulging in a dining experience, I LOVE a good healthy and delicious meal when I'm on the run! Dirtbelly is one of my fav spots to grab a quick salad bowl and tasty Tealada. Located in the Plus 15 level at TD Square as well as in the food court in Market Mall, Dirtbelly really is perfect for some quick healthy eats! 



First off, I have to RAVE about these amazing Tealadas. If you ask me, these put Starbucks Passion Fruit Lemonades to shame... But seriously. These bad boys are SO refreshing and are the perfect combination of flavours. Seen above is the Mango Kaffir Lime Tealada (left), the Raspberry Cardamon Tealada (middle), and the Blueberry Mint Tealada (right). I actually can't go to Dirtbelly without gettin' my paws on one of these delicious drinks!



Dirtbelly also serves up local cold pressed juice by Well Juicery. We sipped on the Well Greens juice which is PACKED with veggies and nutrients (kale, spinach, celery, green apple, ginger and lemon) as well as the Well Hung Juice which is sweeter for those of you who aren't into green juice (watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple and lime). Well Juice is locally made at a micro juicery in the heart of Calgary's Beltline! So Dieters, get stoked to be sippin' and supportin' your local Calgarians!













Friends, if  you're into fresh seasonal and in-store made, get PUMPED about Dirtbelly's tasty salad scoops! Choose you're bowl size and fill that bad boy with 1-4 different scoops (depending on the bowl size OBVI). Now I'll be the first to say, these salads are hella tasty as well as suitable for any and all dietary restrictions (yes I'm talking about YOU  vegan, gluten free and dairy free friends).  Pictured above (starting top left clockwise) is the cauliflower and chickpea salad with golden raisins and almonds, the zucchini and almond salad with basil lemon pesto, the sweet potato, quinoa + pistachio salad, the beet and lentil salad with goat cheese and mint, the fingerling potatoes with arugula and goat cheese,  and the broccoli and kale salad with ricotta.



Let's be honest, we all know how important dat protein is. Toss one of these tasty bad boys onto you're salad and trust me, you'll be happy you did! Whatever you fancy they've got the protein (or fat... hi avo) for you. Seen beside is the ahi tuna, grilled chicken breast, avocado with smoked paprika and chilli flakes and the veggie patty. 







Okay this guy is definitely one of my favs at Dirtbelly! This Cauliflower Grain Bowl is packed with flavour and really is the best of all worlds. This bowl is packed with arugula, quinoa, curry cauliflower, almonds, cilantro and topped off with a honey cilantro yogurt. YUM.








Baco's are Dirtbelly's hybrid of a sandwich that is half bread half taco. Personally I found the bread to be a bit dry, but the fillings were super tasty. Seen above is the Tuna Baco stuffed with seared ahi tuna, edamame salad, kale, cilantro, black sesame seeds and a Sriracha mayo with ginger and sesame.



Naturally I couldn't NOT try these tasty bite sized balls... These treats are healthy and the perfect kick to get you through your workout or satisfy your sweet tooth. Seen beside is the coco + goji, the lemon + blueberry and the almond + date energy ball. My fav was the coco + goji energy ball!















Well dieters, I hope that next time you're lookin' for that quick and healthy lunch, you check out Dirtbelly! 

You stay hungry!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!



March 23, 2017