Having long-awaited my move to London, it's safe to say, the majority of my prep consisted of food and restaurant research! Yes yes, I know, I'm obsessed but you know, a girls gotta eat right?! Among all my research the only issue I had was determining where to eat first!  Having tried my best to perform all foodie due diligences, I started to compile a list of spots to hit up! Now although the Brit's don't necessarily uphold the same culinary reputation or prestige as some other European countries (cough* France* cough) I can tell you they aren't doing half bad! With numerous hip areas, countless high streets and restaurants left right and centre the more I explore, the more I realize that there are LOADS of hidden treasures in this big ole town! (Not to mention a solid handful of world renowned chefs and Michelin starred restaurants, like let's be frank... No one is mad!)

Now having finally settled into my new London life packed with restaurant hopping, cooking and well, school, (seeing as that was in fact the reason I moved over here), I thought it was about time that I started sharing about some of my recents stops in London!



I like to think of brunch as a crucial party of my daily To Do List. It's like taking a shower or drinking my coffee, the day cannot go on until it's done (that's at least what I keep telling myself). Let's be serious though, what trip is complete without a fresh coffee and a thick slice of avocado toast?

Having starting our time in London exploring the area of Shoreditch, we thought we would hit up attendant for some ballin' brunch. Having been recommended Attendant, we slipped in for... Yup, you guessed it coffee and avo toast # basic. Now needent fear, this was our first of MANY brunch pit stops in London, so I PROMISE, we ventured off the avo toast path ( at least once or twice)...  But should you fancy a cute cafe and some tasty toasts, Attendant is a great start! 

Attendant, 74 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL



Cereal Killer Cafe

Come on people. does this one even NEED an explanation? If you're an avid cereal/sugar fan (like myself) there is absolutely NO WAY you can miss this cafe! Located in the heart of Brick Lane, Cereal Killer Cafe is the epitome of stepping back in time. Think 90's childhood meets your mom saying yes to any and ALL cereals whilst grocery shopping ( for those of you who (like myself) only got sugar cereal on VERY special occasions, this ones for you).  This retro cafe serves up a variety of cereal cocktails taking your fav cereals and upping them to the next level! For example, taking Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and topping it with Reeses pieces and strawberry milk- aka "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" or "Unicorn Poop", where Rice Krispies are topped with party rings, marshmallow fluff, 100's and 1000's and milk! All around cereal wins in this place! 

Cereal Killer Cafe, 139 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB

Farm Girl Cafe

Okay folks, spoiler alert, if you haven't been to Notting Hill, (all foodie things aside), it's magical!  From cute houses to adorable shops not to mention it being home to MANY of Beachy Kj's beautiful wall photos, it really is worth the trip! Walking down the street feels like a scene out of a movie (yeah yeah I know, you're ALL thinking of "Notting Hill"... but I'm just saying, they weren't going to choose a dumpy neighborhood AM I RIGHT?). With perfectly colored houses and doors, beautiful flowers and quaint cafes, one can spend the day with their head in the clouds taking it all in! Now being the person that I am, I obviously had to squeeze in a little brunch... Because I mean come on... when in Notthing Hill, you can't not! Farm Girl Cafe is an adorable spot that is totally worth the stop. Located on Portobello Road, this spot serves up all day breakfast featuring you guessed it AVO TOAST, beautiful acai bowls, berry pancakes and some hella tasty shakshuka! Offering up a variety of dishes that are gluten and dairy free as well as vegan, when I say they have something for everyone, I TOTALLY mean it. 


Farm Girl Cafe, 59a Portobello Road, London W11 3D8




Let't be honest folks, one of the key factors of settling into a new city is finding the perfect Za. Now as you can see, Shoreditch seems to be a common theme in my first week of eats because to be quite frank  this hot area, it's JAM PACKED with dining gems (Pizza East being one of the many)!  To be honest, Pizza East  just totally hit it home for me. The decor is simple and understated yet very cool with a laid back yet sophisticated vibe perfect for a drink or a whole pizza (to yourself OBVIOUSLY).  Frankly, I think what sold me on the whole place was 1) their perfect execution of the truffle pizza and 2) putting cold creamy burrata of my FAV pizza combo of proscuitto and rocket... YUM! Seriously though... if you go order both of these pizzas. They were AMAZING. 

Pizza East, 56A Shoreditch High St, London E1 6PQ



One of my first stops here in London was Wagamama- a British restaurant chain serving up Japanese inspired asian food. Having recently made it's appearance in NYC, I knew that I had to check out this international joint. Although nothing extremely fancy Wagamama serves up some tasty affordable dishes that definitely hit the spot when you need that asian fix (aka me everyday). With locations all around London Wagamama is perfect for a casual lunch or dinner, or hell, if you're feelin lazy why not get it delivered



Wagamama, Old Spitalfields Market, 9 Horner Square London E1 6EW


The Jones Family Project

Surprise surprise, yet another gem in Shoreditch! The Jones Family Project is an uber funky restaurant serving up some mad tasty eats!  From a variety of steaks to fish (and of course chicken) there is no doubt that this joint will definitely satisfy your meaty needs. Now, having started the night off with the basil polenta chips and the squash hummus, we DEFINITELY got our protein fix with the hogget (lamb) served with roasted celeriac, kale, cauliflower cream and mint chutney along with the pork tomahawk (see beside) aka pork chop and belly on the bone served with avocado salad, West Indies salsa and sweet potato wedges! YUM! The pork tomahawk was literally ginormous and oh so tasty! Highly reccomend!

Check it out!

The Jones Family Project, 78 Great Eatern Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3JL

Well dieters, this is only the beginning!! Here's to many more delicious food adventures in London! 

You stay hungry! 

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!