The Drunken Pot- Hot Pot Restaurant in TST


The Drunken Potis a fabulous spin on the long-time Hong Kong favorite of Hot Pot! The Drunken Pot not only serves great food, but they make the whole meal an event. Serving everything from sake bombs (basically a flavored bath bomb for your broth to up the sake content) to rainbow dumplings and fish balls The Drunken Pot is guaranteed to have you Ooo-ing and Aww-ing at every dish that hits the table. Starting off with a firery bronze pot bubbling and boiling in the middle of the table, all that's asked of the diners is to choose one of The Drunken Pot's fabulous soup broths (or soup broth combos) filled with anything from papaya and sake broth to squid ink (I know, CRAZY right?). Well don't let that scare you because these soup broths were absolutely BOMB. The Drunken Pot gives you freedom to make every bite exactly how you like it, starting by selecting your raw ingredients to cook table side in your bubbling brew along with the perfect fresh herbs and seasoning for your own personal bowl. 

Now, if your not into the whole hot pot thing, The Drunken Pot also offers a variety of steamed dishes along with delectable side dishes that don't require any hot pot cooking. So naturally, before diving in head first to our bubbling broth we had to warm up with something a requiring a little less effort, and what better way to start than these Insta worthy rainbow soup dumplings.

6 Colored Soup Dumplings 

These were even better than they looked. Stuffed with a variety of fillings (corresponding to the exterior colour) with everything from lobster, truffle, crab to medicinal herbs and squid ink! These perfectly pretty and oh so photogenic dumplings are a must have! Now, we were ready and warmed up for the main course THE Drunken Pot!

The Drunken Pot

When a restaurant names itself after an item on the menu... GET IT. Obviously with a name such as The Drunken Pot, we had to see what all the hype was about. Serving up a whopping 5 soup broths consisting of flaming papaya and sake, squid ink, fiery sichuan chili, crab and clam and a prawn broth! We were definitely impressed by the wide variety of flavors and fillings in these soup broths. My personal favorite was the squid ink and the prawn base broth. The fiery Sichuan is tasty but it very well might evoke steam out of your ears, it's THAT spicy.

Now with such a wide variety of broths, we obviously had to choose some fab items to cook in such broths. With the majority of our broths being seafood based, we decided to start off with the sliced angus beef!

Sliced Angus Beef

This beef is definitely not to be missed! These thin tender slices can be cooked exactly how you like it. Rare? Medium rare? Well-done? It's all up to you! (Except if you forget about your piece than you better believe you'll be gettin it VERY well done cause these slices cook fast!) Up next the 7 Color Cuttlefish balls.









7 Color Cuttlefish Balls

 Seriously, with colors this vibrant, how could you NOT order these? Dyed with all natural foods (such as sweet potato and beet root), these fish balls were delightfully chewy and tasty! If you're not a fan of cuttlefish, there is a wide variety of other fish and seafood balls to choose from.







Among the cuttlefish balls and the sliced beef, we also dunked and munched on the fresh fried beancurd, (which comes with a dipping sauce, but I think it's all the more better when dunked in a soup broth) and an assortment of veggies, which basically looks like plant pots out of your Moms garden, but none the less a fun way to get a heck of a lot of greens into your diet and your bubbling hot pot!

So Hong Kong, if you're looking to spice things up on your next hot pot, check out The Drunken Pot!

On that note, you stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!